About KAAC

Kalaavlokan Arts Appreciation Centre (KAAC) is an endeavour to bring together , study and gain an understanding of the arts and cultures from across the world.

Its Founding President, Dr Archana Verma, is an expert of Arts and Cultures with more than 20 years of experience in research, teaching and publication in this field. She has several books published on various dimensions of arts and cultures.

KAAC offers online courses and organises digital and on-site conferences on arts and cultures. In order to participate in our conferences, sponsor them, discuss publicity campaign for your organisation or join our online classes, write to us at Archana@theglobalcentre.org.

Some of its posts are incorporated from Southasianarts.org, an online magazine on South Asian Arts (ISSN - 0976-7266), which is no longer active now. artsandcultures.org is in a sense, an expanded version of Southasianarts.org.

Dr Verma can be reached at Archana@theglobalcentre.org.

See also https://www.theglobalcentre.org/

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