Arts and Cultures - Rock Paintings from Taira Valley, Chile - 2800-2400 BP

 Arts and Cultures

Dr Archana Verma

Taira Valley in Chile has thrown up some pre-historic rock paintings datable to 2800-2400BP. There rock shelters with painted rows of Llama, an animal found in South America. Llama is a very useful animal, used throughout the history in South America. It's used for milk, skin, for carrying loads and its wool is also used for making warm clothes. Llama was a very important animal for the pre-historic society of Chile. Having a large herd of Llamas was a sign of prosperity. 

The scholars have speculated that these Llamas might have been painted with the desire to own a large herd of them. The pre-historic people might have prayed to own large herds of Llamas. This painting might have been an auspicious painting. It also might have been ritualistic in nature.

On the next wall, there is a human figure running towards the rows of Llamas and there other animals and huts around him. It shows that Llamas were domesticated in the pre-historic period. 

These paintings show that the notion of prosperity might have been present even in the pre-historic societies.

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