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Sítio do Meio, Brazil, Pre-Columbian, 12500BP

These paintings are found in the rock site in the national park. These rock sites are preserved as national heritage sites. There are several other sites in Brazil, where these paintings are found. In one panel there is a row of standing structures with humans kneeling before them, with hands raised. Some way off, there is a human figure whose arms are stretched. There is another similar figure and there are two bird figures nearby. 

It looks like some kind of ceremony where human figures are kneeling before erect structures. It may be that the birds have been sacrificed or killed. We can't be sure.

This painting suggests the existence of some kind of ritualistic practices even in this early pre-historic period. 

Another panel shows the event of a woman delivering a child with three figures helping the delivery. 

This is a type of the social profile of a past human groups. They suggest some ceremonial rituals as well as some practices to help in the child delivery even in the early Pre-Columbian 12500 BP period.

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