Thursday, 15 October 2020

Some Recent Roack Art Findings Across the World

 Dr Archana Verma

Rock Art I

Kalaavlokan Arts Appreciation Centre (KAAC) at the Global Centre recently held a webinar on some recent rock art findings from across the world. Dr Archana Verma, an acclaimed Art Historian and the Founding President fo The Global Centre, showed some slides of recent findings of rock arts in South America, West Asia and India.

Rock Art II

Dr Archana Verma reinterpreted the rock paintings from Kashmir in India and provided an alternative interpretation of these paintings. She also suggested the nature of social organisation that existed in the regions around these paintings, as gleaned from the paintings. She said that when corroborated with other archaeological materials from these regions, a more detailed description of these pre-historic societies can be pieced together.

Rock Art III

The complete talk on these rock paintings is given above in 3 parts. The visitors may watch them and form their own opinions about these paintings.

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